Pressure Vessel Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Process Flow
Planning (i.e. workscoping & workpacking).
Equipment inspection, testing & certification.
Mobilization of personnel, equipment & tools, materials to project site.
Set-up / preparatory work at project site.
Installation of temporary work aids (e.g. scaffold).
Hot bolting.
System shutdown & depressurization.
Installation of mechanical isolation (spading).
Chemical cleaning solution is filled in the vessel for soaking purposes.
Draining & collection of waste / sludge material from the vessel.
Gas Test / TENORM / Mercury Monitoring / Decontamination.
Internal surface cleaning (i.e. entry / non-entry).
Inspection (post-cleaning activities).
Maintenance (e.g. internal lining or other repairs).
Inspection (post-maintenance & repair activities).
Box-up manhole and reinstatement of spools.
Leak check (nitrogen purging).
System start-up, pressurisation and leak monitoring.
Removal of temporary work aids (e.g. scaffold).
House-keeping, washdown and waste labelling.
Hand-over to client (Hand-over Certificate).
Demobilisation from project site.
Prepare and submit close-out report & other final documentation to client .