Health, Safety & Environment

Our continuous commitment to HSE excellence

Health Safety & Environment

HIGHBASE STRATEGIC SDN BHD (HSSB) is committed to protect the safety, health, environment and welfare of workers by ensuring all hazards are well identified, controlled and eliminated as practicable, while unsafe conditions and behaviors to be eliminated. All personnel working for HSSB is responsible for ensuring his or her actions are in line with this policy. Disciplinary action shall never be compromised for any violation in accordance with the company’s policy.

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Highbase Strategic Sdn Bhd is committed to:

Instill health, safety at work and prevent pollution to the environment through best practices and operational concept, providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and contractors.
Enable adequacy of resources for Health Safety Environment (HSE) management and all practicable measures to prevent incident; protect our employees and contractors from injury and ill health and adequacy of environmental protection steps.
Fulfill compliance obligations to which we subscribe relating to our operational hazards and environmental protection.
Continual improvement in prevention of injury and ill health of our employees and contractors including its ecosystem and to enhance HSE performance.
Disseminate information, promote and communicate to our employees and contractors includingits ecosystem the awareness of individual HSE responsibilities and others including encouragingeffective two ways communication on all HSE matters.
Create and implement an effective action plan to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and other specific commitments relevant to our operation and service deliveries.
Reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy and minimize emission or discharge of waste to the environment. Where option of prevention at source is not possible, recovery, reuse, recycle will be favoured over disposal.
Develop and maintain HSE objectives, targets and programs on annual basis and establish structured operational control procedures in monitoring, recording and tracking HSE performance.
Periodically review and communicate the HSE policies to all stakeholders in maintaining its relevancy and effectiveness to our business activities.

All employees and contractors are required to play a pro-active role to achieve excellent HSE performance and be responsible to work safe and uplift health, safety and environment industry best practices at all times.

Fauzi Mohamad
Chief Operating Officer